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Steel passenger boat, renovated in 2005 Made of an original canal cargo boat, which used to, in the 19th century, sail the waters of the Ludwig’s Canal along the German river of Main. Its rivetted hull is unique. Its renovation was executed in accordance with the preserved historical documentation.

Capacity: 22 passengers
Length: 11,4m
Width: 2,3 m
Draught: 0,4 m
Drive: stable diesel three-cylinder Kubota - 16 Ps

1. PLAVEBNÍ s.r.o.
21. dubna 3, 691 44 Lednice

Společnost je zapsána v OR u KS v Brně, oddíl C, vložka 35875

DIČ: CZ 25584979
Č.účtu: ČS Břeclav, 1388147379/0800

mobil: +420 603 516 358
e-mail: info@plavby-lednice.cz

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